Chocolate Ramen Makes A Comeback At Japanese Ramen Chain Restaurant Korakuen With A New Lover Avail Till 11 March

Giving chocolate to your Valentine’s date is a conventional way of showing your love to that special someone. How about buying a bowl of chocolate ramen as a novelty for this special occasion?

Chocolate Ramen Kourakuen Online 1


Korakuen, a ramen restaurant chain from Japan, is bringing back their iconic Chocolate Ramen (JPY640), alongside a new lover, the White Chocolate Ramen (JPY640) to celebrate the Valentine’s Day spirit, available till 11 March 2020.

I could only wish to try these bowls of ramen, if only I was on vacation in Japan right now. I suppose I will have to admire it from afar, much like how I’d admire my crush on Valentine’s.

Chocolate Ramen Kourakuen Online 2


Korakuen is definitely not the first restaurant to sell this chocolate ramen, but they are one of the restaurants that do offer it tsukemen-style—where one has to dip the noodles into the chocolate broth, or use chocolate as a topping.

Instead, dishes like their Chocolate Ramen has chocolate topped on the bowl of ramen, alongside cocoa oil, which is added to the soy sauce-based broth.

Chocolate Ramen Kourakuen Online 3


The new Valentine’s Day star of this season, is the White Chocolate Ramen. On the surface, it actually looks like normal ramen, but do not be fooled. The bowl of

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