Man Fu Tang 滿福堂餅行, TAIPEI – Taiwanese Pastry Store with Award-Winning Pineapple Cakes And Traditional Pastries With A Modern Twist

[Taipei] If you have tried queuing for Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 over at Hua Shan Market, you probably would have come across a pastry chef going along the snaking queue to let people sample his traditional pastries.

Photo Credit: Man Fu Tang Facebook

My first reaction to this was, “Hmm, must be a tourist trap and I better not try. Later kena pressurized to buy.”

But being a fan of these nostalgic treats and having some free time after my soybean milk breakfast, curiosity led me to their store which was probably one of my best decision ever made.

Founded in 1899 and currently helmed by the fourth generation, Man Fu Tang 滿福堂餅行 insists on hand-making their pastries, as well as sourcing for finest ingredients and speciality food ingredients from various locations to go into their bakes.

Despite production costs being much higher.

Mostly importantly, the lady boss highlighted that all their products are freshly baked on a daily basis and have short shelf life due to the absence of artificial food preservatives.

Photo Credit: Man Fu Tang Facebook

Their persistence in adhering to their philosophy paid off, and have subsequently won them many

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