The White Tiffin: Enjoy XXL Nasi Lemak & Other Local Delights In This 1980s-styled Café At Changi City Point

Dressed in white and blue—inspired by the look of the traditional metallic ting kat—is The White Tiffin, a restaurant located on level one of Changi City Point, serving nostalgic local delights. 

The White Tiffin 1

With their retro aesthetics, the use of eclectic colours and mosaic-tiled countertop, this restaurant is hard to miss. As I stepped in, I felt like I was transported down memory lane, back to the 1980s, where Deng Li Jun’s Tian Mi Mi played through the radio on the background. 

The White Tiffin 5

The interior of the restaurant recreated old school vibes with vintage memorabilia placed in the open-faced cabinets. I especially loved the wall feature which has metallic plates imprinted with traditional vibrant coloured flowers, randomly placed across the Persian blue wall. Look up to the ceiling and you will see the same plates magically used as lampshades, extending throughout the entire restaurant.

A glance through their menu and the first dish that caught my eye was the XXL Nasi Lemak (S$49.90), huge enough to feed a family of four. 

The White Tiffin 4

Inspired by Indonesian Tumpeng (a cone-shaped rice dish with side dishes of vegetable and meat), the XXL Nasi Lemak features blue coconut rice with two whole lobster gratin cut into halves, a bowl of curry

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