issho izakaya: Hearty Japanese Crab Dishes + Premium Omakase From S$68 At Modern Izakaya In Great World City

If you’ve been to Japan, or if you’re familiar with the concept of izakaya, you’ll know that these are basically drinking establishments which serve up accompanying bites. Modern izakayas, however, have started to focus more on the food, dishing up increasingly intricate and high-quality meals.

Issho Izakaya 4

And one such dining spot is issho izakaya in Great World City. With an older outlet in Kallang Wave Mall, this Japanese crab speciality restaurant brings us kushiyaki (grilled skewers) and even an affordable premium omakase menu.

Issho Izakaya 5

More spacious than your usual Japanese izakaya, the 126-seater restaurant is sectioned into cosy wooden booths, an open-concept dining area, and private tatami dining rooms with kotatsu (traditional low wooden table frames).

Issho Izakaya 1

There are three private rooms that can accommodate up to 22 pax, and two of which can be combined to form one big private dining room—perfect for parties or even business meetings.

You can opt for either sashimi counter seats, or perch in front of the kushiyaki counter—both provide a good view of the chefs in action, sure to whet your appetite.

Issho Izakaya 2

What’s an izakaya without bottles of sake and shochu? A glass-walled room near the entrance holds a marvellous selection of over 70 labels of sake,

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