Coffee Break: Third-Gen Hawkers Who Believe In Work-Life Balance Sell Unusual Coffee & Toasts At Amoy Street Food Centre

A usual routine of many Singaporeans consists of grabbing their kopi, or even toasts from hawker centres to food courts. A particular store that stands out for its unique toast-and-coffee offerings is Coffee Break. 

Coffee Break 1

Situated on the second level of Amoy Street Food Centre, Coffee Break serves traditional coffees, teas and toasts, but with an unusual modern twist to their menu which could #trigger some kopi lovers who love their drinks in its honest form. The three musketeers who continue the kopi legacy of their grandparents, as well as their father, are Faye, Anna and Jack.  

As a trio, they work together to make Coffee Break a coffee shop that is distinctively different from your typical drink stall found in hawker centres as well as kopitiam’s, but at the same time keeping the traditions alive with their Nanyang Coffee. One might ask, what roles do they play in Coffee Break? Faye, whom I spoke to when I visited Coffee Break, handles the business development side as well as the events aspect of the business, while her brother, Jack works in research and development for the brand. Her sister, Anna, meanwhile, handles operations and human resources.   

I was rather intrigued by the simplistic yet

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