Kong Cafe Review: New Minimalist Korean Cafe With Honey Butter Waffles Opened By A Korean

Kong Cafe - Featured imageKorean fare at Kong Cafe

Kong Cafe - Flatlay

Besides the gorgeous landed properties dotting it, Bukit Timah Road is home to many local cafes such as artisanal bakery, Micro Bakery & Kitchen. It doesn’t help that I live in the area, as my wallet cries from the constant indulgence of cafe hopping. But a bus ride home led me to chance upon Kong Cafe.

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This minimalist cafe situated along Dunearn Road is the brainchild of Hanna Mi Kim, a Korean expat who has been living in Singapore for the past nine years. Incorporating her prior experiences as a coffee joint owner and an artist, Ms Kim conceptualised the cafe to be a space for brunch and to showcase her art pieces.

Food at Kong Cafe

Kong Cafe - Bibim Bowl

Watching Bok Joo passionately eat on Weightlifting Fairy got me hooked on Korean cuisine. Visits to my favourite Korean joint happens at least once a month, where I have my fill of jjajangmyeon and banchan. This naturally got me excited to try out classic Korean dishes on Kong Cafe’s menu such as Bibim Bowl ($26). 

Don’t be taken aback by the massive size

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