14 Satisfying Stalls That Will Make Your Foodie Heart Go Be-Dok At Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre

There is no question that hawker centres are the bedrock of Singapore’s food culture. Indeed, there is nothing quite like it.

Dinner at a hawker centre is often a mosaic of sorts: a fragrant plate of nasi lemak here, another slurp-worthy wanton noodles there and maybe a serving of sticky rojak if it suits your fancy. The sprawling number of stalls is a promise that your lunch or dinner will never be boring.

Xue Hua Fei Watermelon Dessert Bowl 13

A hawker centre that aims to do just that would be the somewhat newly-revamped Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre.

Located conveniently just outside of Bedok MRT Station, this hawker centre is home to many well-loved favourites that are sure to be the perfect pick-me-up, especially after particularly long and tiring days. Without further ado, here are 12 stalls you have to try at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre.

1. Inspirasi Bedok Stalls Inspirasi 3

We’ll start with one of the real gems of Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Inspirasi.

Inspirasi was established in 1970, and this family-run stall is home to quite possibly one of the best mee rebus in Singapore. Their line of hungry customers runs so far back that it doubles back on itself.

Inspirasi 14

With only four options to choose from, they pride themselves on quick and

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