Sink Your Teeth Into Impossible Meat Patties Made With Vegetable Proteins From The Goodburger At Marina Bay

The Good Burger 1

With the uptick in sustainable eating and the fight against animal cruelty, Impossible Foods has been getting a lot more coverage. Established in June 2019, The Goodburger is currently the first and only burger food truck to sell solely Impossible burgers. 

This has made it stand out from its burger-selling competitors. It’s also quite a rarity to see food trucks around in Singapore, which make this a rather unique startup.

The Goodburger currently operates at The Promontory on Tuesdays to Fridays from 12pm to 3pm and at the Event Square @ Marina Bay from 5pm to 9pm.

The Good Burger 2

The Goodburger’s vision focuses on its love for meat but also animals. Seeing how Impossible meat is kinder and better for the world, they decided that this was the way to go. 

The entire philosophy of the creation of Impossible Foods is based on this one question: “What makes meat taste like meat?” Impossible Foods basically took everything they knew and loved about meat, and made it with plants. 

The Good Burger

Since they operate out of a food truck, it was only feasible to have a few items on the menu, but the ones they have on the menu are bursting with flavour.

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