Green Sky Fried Kway Teow – One of the Best Fried Oysters & Char Kway Teow in Singapore!

green sky storefront

Sunny(pictured on the left), a past army chef, opened Green Sky Fried Kway Teow back in 2006. His father was a hawker as well, but was selling something entirely different — traditional desserts. When he was younger, he helped his father out at his stall, which gave him the much needed experience to be a hawker. His son (pictured in the middle), joined him in manning the stall when he was 16, and has worked here ever since.

green sky frying kway teowgreen sky char kway teow

The Cockles Fried Kway Teow ($4) was the result of rounds of trial and error. Coming from a background of dessert making, he had to keep practising to master savoury dishes. He used his time as an army chef to try cooking as many savoury dishes as possible.

green sky fried kway teow spoon
green sky cockle

The kway teow had a lovely wok hei, and was so flavourful. The noodles were also “wet” enough, which made it easy to eat. The cockles were cooked really well such that they were not rubbery. Mix in some of the chilli for a more shiok experience. Overall, it was a very solid plate of char kway teow.

green sky frying carrot cake 2
green sky carrot cake
green sky fried carrot cake collageThe Fried Carrot Cake (White + Black) ($5) comprised both white and black

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