Skinny Chef – Awesome Hearty XXL Fried Chicken Cutlet!

skinny chef storefront

The name Skinny Chef came about from the stature of the two chefs, who are both very slim. Steve (pictured on the left), and Kheng Lun (on the right) are two friends who met while working in the hotel management industry, and decided to set up a hawker stall to sell the food they love the most— Western food.

skinny chef chicken cutlet top down 3

We started with their signature dish, the XXL Chicken Cutlet with Nacho Cheese and Sous Vide Egg ($9) which comes with 2 pieces of gigantic fried chicken cutlets. The nacho cheese sauce complemented the chicken cutlets very well.

skinny chef chicken sutlet slice
skinny chef chicken cutlet dip

The chicken was fried to perfection with the skin being extra crispy and the meat still tender and juicy. The nacho cheese sauce added savoury notes to the chicken, and moisten the chicken more. You can dip the chicken in the sous vide egg for more “sauce”. However, as it is such a large piece of fried chicken, I suggest that you share it with a friend. I was told that this dish is popular amongst the younger crowd, especially the kids. I can definitely see why. Which kid wouldn’t like a plate of fried chicken all to themselves?

skinny chef chicken chop plate


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