A•MOS Perfect Gelato: Aspiring Gelato Maker With Tom’s Palette Collab in Potong Pasir

Just a stone’s throw away from Potong Pasir MRT is a dessert store that was once a dream, now finally a reality. A•MOS Perfect Gelato was opened in November 2019 as a family effort with Amos Lee, the youngest son in the family at its helm. 

Amos Gelato 2

The cafe has a graffiti wall and neon lights which creates fun and hipster vibes. For those who want to cleanse their palates between ice cream flavours or simply need some water to wash down the sweetness, the cafe provides free-flow water for all customers. 

It just so happened that the day we visited, Mr Lee, the father of the founder, was present at the store. We decided to grab the opportunity and spoke with Mr Lee to get a better insight into the creation of the brand. 

Amos Gelato 5

The gelato shop specialises in handcrafted gelato, handmade waffles and whimsical beverages. All the products are made fresh with quality ingredients, without preservatives and pre-mixes.

The A•MOS philosophy focuses on the art of making the perfect gelato for all to enjoy. Amos believes that using good ingredients is just the base to success and the rest is up to one’s diligence and appreciation for

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