First bite: Popular American burger joint Five Guys serves up diet-busting beefy burgers

There has been a lot of buzz about the famed American burger chain Five Guys setting up its first Singapore outpost in Plaza Singapura and we had our first look and bite at its much-anticipated beef burgers.

For the uninitiated, Five Guys was founded by the Murrel family in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia as a takeout burger joint. The rest is history as the brand now boasts over 1600 locations worldwide. 

We got the first look and bite…

Being the lucky firsts to get the Five Guys experience, let’s just say we were nursing our food coma at the time of typing this review. Like all other outposts in the world, it’s decked out in monochrome interiors of blue and red – total Pop’s Diner of Riverdale vibes. 

The moment you step in, you feel a rush of energy from the open-concept kitchen to the friendly staff and the rock music buzzing in the background. 

The art of burger making

Now on to the serious stuff. We were given a little lesson on how these beefy burgers were made and boy did we learn a lot. 

Customisation is the central theme on the menu and you get to choose from

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