Female movie characters who became beauty icons of the decade: Atomic Blonde, Bridesmaids, Maleficent, etc

Lorainne Broughton, Atomic Blonde: The M16 agent’s killer instincts are perfectly complemented with razor-sharp liner and a seriously sculpted jawline. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Yes, this was the infamous braid that launched a thousand variations — and tutorials — ranging from waterfall to fishtail. Shosanna Dreyfus, Inglorious Basterds: To this day, we find that nothing says you’re ready to kick a** and take names quite like impeccable lipstick and a blowout. Rey, Star Wars: How do you elevate Princess Leia’s iconic twin buns? By transforming it into a trio, of course. Naomi Lapaglia, Wolf Of Wall Street: Home girl could teach a masterclass in stylishly disheveled coifs, TBH. Helen Harris III, Bridesmaid: Maybe sheer willpower (and hairspray) is all you really need for waves that stay all day. Let’s not forget her ‘do lasted through food poisoning and multiple meltdowns. Babydoll, Sucker Punch: We’ll admit to spending an inconceivable amount of time searching for the flutteriest, most voluminous falsies after catching this action flick. Lara Craft, Tomb Raider: She lost the braid, but we do love that high swingin’ pony too. Amy Dunne, Gone Girl: It’s not really a maneRead full content from News Buro 24/7

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