Thoughtful Taxi Driver Takes S’porean Biker Who Ran Out Of Fuel On Expressway To Petrol Station

When you think of Singaporeans, a few words come to mind:

Entitled, ungracious, and inconsiderate.

If you think I’m exaggerating, just look at the way we drive, because it’s a perfect representation of how we act in everyday life; we don’t give way to other cars, we honk when someone makes a minor mistake, and rush past red lights even though it puts others at risk.

But not all Singaporeans are bad though, even on the road.

Some display a level of kindness that all of us should aspire to.

Ran out of fuel

Twitter user @mdhxmzxh shared a touching experience he had on on Thursday (28 Nov) night while on the road.

The man was riding his motorcycle home from work when it suddenly broke down on the expressway. He realised that the fuel gauge was not functioning properly, falsely indicating that the bike still had fuel.

This is every motorist’s nightmare. Breaking down in the middle of the expressway means you’ll either have to call a tow truck or a friend to come down to help.

This biker didn’t have this option, however, because his phone ran out of battery. 

Image: Giphy

So, he had to push his motorcycle to the

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