Open a forex trading account in Singapore today

Forex trading is a highly lucrative activity. Previously, it was a preserve of large financial institutions and high net worth individuals but it is now open for retail individual traders.

As a result of the good financial results that existing traders are experiencing, there is a growth surge in the number of people who want to start trading forex. Singapore is one of the leading financial hubs in the world and forex trading is one of the leading activities that individuals can compete with corporate entities.

How to get into forex trading

Access the forex market

The very first step in trading forex is having the ability to access the market. This is where all forex transactions take place. To successfully access the market, you will need to get onto a tried and tested trading platform.

A trading platform is a website that provides you access to the market. It is professionally run by a forex broker who makes a small cut from allowing you the capacity to profit from this large foreign exchange market.

Open a demo account

To become a competent forex trader, it is imperative that you practice well. Failure to practice will lead to you blowing

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