Here’s the buzz: Singapore’s first electric car race is zooming your way with BlueSG

Cars that go fast and furious? Been there, done that. But electric vehicles that take you on a race around the island to compete in exhilarating missions? That’s an adrenaline rush like no other. 

Introducing The Blue Race, a team bonding experience comprising of exciting escapades. Touted as the first electric car race in Singapore, the competition is hosted by BlueSG, the first 100% electric car-sharing service in the country. Taking the environmentally-friendly route, the company provides a transport option that’s convenient, affordable and kind to Mother Nature.

Ready, set, zoom! bluesg electric car on the roadPhotography: BlueSG

Keen on gearing up for the race? Let’s break down the stats for you first. Running from 7.30am to 1.30pm on 7 December, the event is accepting registrations until 17 November. Be sure to give the application your finest efforts, because only the chosen ones (all 18 and above, with one driver above 21) will be notified on 19 November for confirmed participation. 

There’ll be 16 teams of three battling it out in seven missions at various stations across the island, with BlueSG cars taking you to your destinations. Plus, everyone gets a race pack, which includes a t-shirt, a personalised tag, hydration and snack items, exclusive BlueSG

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