Tree Coconut – Nasi Lemak by Next-Gen Hawkers!

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Having decided to carry on her father’s legacy of selling Nasi Lemak, Charlene (on the left), 24, opened Tree Coconut with her father. Charlene studied biomedical science in University of Queensland, prior to taking the huge step to becoming a hawker. Yuting (on the right), 26, left her insurance job when Charlene needed help running the stall. The rest, as they say, is history.

making riceopening rice cooker 2frying chicken
making otah 2
making otah 5

At around 5am, the team prepares the marinade and ingredients for the day.

nasi lemak with otah

Watching the rice being cooked, chicken being fried, and otah being grilled, I became really hungry. A nasi lemak set($2.50) consists of rice, a fried egg and chicken wing. If you desire ikan bilis and peanuts, you have to add on $0.50. I added another otah ($1) to complete my meal.

The rice was quite fragrant and fluffy. At the same time, it was quite light and refreshing, which is something many other customers have noticed. The sweet sambal gave the rice a nice heat, and great flavours. The ikan bilis was super crispy and had that saltiness that complemented all the components in the dish.

chicken wing
otah open

The crispy chicken, which was marinated with five-spice powder, was tender and juicy. I

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