Social Place Singapore – Retro-Chic Tea House From Hong Kong Opens At Orchard Road, With Innovative Dim Sum and Chinese Fare

Founded in Hong Kong, Social Place is a retro-chic contemporary tea house imbued with nostalgic touches from olden Hong Kong days, which serves an innovative spread of Chinese fares and Dim Sum offerings.

Located at Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore is their first overseas outpost since their first establishment in 2014.

Upon stepping into the restaurant, you will be greeted with sleek modern interior accompanied with fun vibrant elements such as, using ping pong table for dining and a whole mural wall made up of mah-jong tiles.

I secretly hope that by touching the mural wall, the mah-jong aura would bless me with some “huat”.

Couple of years back, I remembered patronizing their store at Central and was pretty much sold by their creative food offerings and table cutleries embedded with houseflies and ants design.

They were probably the OG innovators for the now already available dishes in Singapore such as Flaming Pineapple, Fried Chicken Pieces with Chillies served in Nest, and Truffle Mushroom Buns.

A quick scan of their menu and I spotted a few familiar dishes from Hong Kong such as Rose Floret Bun ($1.80

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