Two Cranes – Korean Inspired Café In Hougang With Bibimbap, Naengmyeon And Pulut Hitam Bingsu

Good stuff seems to name after TWO – in Singapore we have Two Bakers, Two Men Bagel House, Two Chefs, Two Blur Guys, Two Wings, and now Two Cranes.

Inspired by Korean Café Scene, Two Cranes is a neighbourhood café found in Kovan which serves a focused selection of Korean-themed food, bingsu dessert and hand-crafted beverages.

Apparently in Korean culture, cranes are viewed as iconic creatures which symbolizes good fortune and longevity.

So much so that there is even a crane portrait embedded on the back of the 500 Korean won coin.

What makes them “Korean”?

Their hand-crafted beverages were what first caught my attention.

Apart from the usual latte and cappuccino suspects, there were a range of coffee and tea mocktails served in sleek beverage glasswares, which improves the visual aesthetics and Korean-ish vibes.

Reminded me of the times when I was at back at Bunkasha in Seoul.

Their signature coffee mocktail, Wonda-fu Drink ($6) was a potent mix concocted from espresso shot, coffee jelly and mint leaves served in a cocktail glass.

It was rather sweet with coffee aroma and had a lingering scent of mint. I liked this

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