Menya Kokoro – 6 Best Sellers Including Furious Mala Ramen & Tantanmen, NEW Outlet At Plaza Singapura

Are you ready for a maze-soba extravaganza in global proportions?

Menya Kokoro, Japan’s largest maze-soba chain is hosting “Top of the World”, Singapore’s biggest maze-soba party.

Now you have the chance to meet the brand’s 6 best-sellers curated from its international menus – Tokyo, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Vancouver, and Singapore. All under one roof.

You can choose to have them from any Menya Kokoro’s 3 outlets at Suntec City (Eat At Seven), 100AM Mall, and its newest outlet at Plaza Singapura.

Menya Kokoro began when a Japanese Chef named Takuma Ishikawa created Kokoro Maze-Soba in Tokyo, Japan. His maze-soba, unparalleled in taste and quality, has spread its popularity all over Japan.

It even won the Best Maze-Soba Award in 2014.

Within 5 years, Menya Kokoro has opened a total of 29 outlets around the world. As it continues to expand, more foodies will have access to its award-winning signature dish.

Visit its latest outlet in Singapore at Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura and discover the 6 global top-sellers from 6 countries. Here they are:

Furious Mala Ramen – Top-seller in Singapore ($14.80, $16.80)
Singapore’s very own bestseller is the Furious Mala Ramen, not

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