Pros And Cons Of Selling On Lazada And Shopee

One cannot deny how vital online marketplaces in today’s society. Among the top e-commerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia are Lazada and Shopee. Both of these can help budding sellers gain exposure for their products. In return, the wide array of available products allow these marketplaces to flourish.

As such, some Singaporeans who want to sell their own products wonder whether they should sell on Lazada or Shopee.



It comes as no surprise that two of the most popular marketplaces have ever-growing scales of online presence. Both Shopee and Lazada have created images that people trust. The millions of audience they have collated help your online business to get noticed. You can never really get so much attention when you are starting out by yourself. So, it is good to have a little push.


With different marketing strategies such as birthday discounts and holiday promos, Lazada and Shopee have a growing number of new customer each year. These new customers may not be searching for your store specifically. However, they may search for a product that you have listed before. Once you get noticed, you can transform the

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