Una Una: Good and Cheaper Unagi

Unagi has been very popular in the last few years ever since Man Man introduced their hitsumabushi at Keong Siak Road.   With queues resembling the eels themselves, other live unagi restaurants like Uya and Unagiya Ichinoshi quickly emerged to cash in on the action.  As this segment of the food scene matures, new players need to find other compelling reasons to lure unagi lovers into their eateries.  For Singaporeans one surefire way to get our attention is price.

When I heard that a hitsumabushi set at Una Una was going for just $9.80, my first reaction was “Aiyah how good can it be?” I have had plenty of bad unagi before from Japanese restaurants which offer cheap, unagi as part of their menu. So much so, that I had given up ordering unagi from anywhere other than a live unagi restaurant.

The reason this place caught my attention was because they actually specialize in unagi.  The reason it is cheaper is because they use frozen instead of live eels.  Preperation wise,  it is still very much the same.  The eel fillets are grilled, then baste in a sauce and then, depending on the style of unagi you’ve ordered

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