Do more with less: How to live your best life with Fave

We’re all so busy nowadays and we need all the help we can get with saving time and money. Singapore might have a reputation of being crazy expensive but not when you’ve got the nifty Fave app right in your smartphone that’s as big on saving as you are! Whether you’re getting lunch with friends, shopping for your next smartphone or taking a much-deserved spa break, it’s all extra easier with Fave. Think of it as your go-to app for greater convenience and savings.

One look at the app or website and you’ll see yourself saving up to 70% off on deals across food, shopping, beauty, fitness and so much more. Perfect for those love indulging in retail therapy, feasting at on good food and having a good time… without breaking the bank.

For luncheons, shopping sprees and cool cashbacks

It’s lunchtime, you’re in line at the cashier but just when it’s your turn to pay, you realise that you don’t have cash on you. Or maybe you spot the bright pink FavePay sign at the counter. Well, simply make your purchase with FavePay using your smartphone. Everytime you pay with FavePay, you get rewarded with up to 30% cashback

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