Best celebrity Halloween makeup looks you can recreate yourself: Sophie Turner, Bella Hadid, Zoë Kravitz amongst others

It’s too bad The Addams Family remake is an animated one — Sophie Turner would make a picture-perfect Morticia Addams otherwise. Why carve jack-o’-lanterns when you can transform yourself into one, à la Gigi Hadid? Kendall Jenner demonstrates her love for cult movie Austin Powers by dressing up as one of the iconic fembots. Flaunt your power couple status with matching costumes. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd may have split in recent times, but their Beetlejuice look sure goes down in history. Life in plastic is pretty fantastic, right, Kendall Jenner? Kate Moss is channelling serious she-who-must-not-be-named vibes with this spine-chilling look. We got an idea on how your next villain should look like, Marvel (That’s Grace Elizabeth under all that, in case you didn’t realise). Whatever you do, don’t ask Lupita Nyong’o if she’s wearing polyester hair. Suffice to say, Dionne from the hit 1995 teen movie, Clueless, would not approve. Hand to heart, this is one of the most jaw-dropping costumes of all time courtesy of Heidi Klum. Cast Ciara in the next Black Panther movie, already. Taylor Hill should add cosplay under her (burgeoning) list ofRead full content from News Buro 24/7

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