S’porean working in social services shares how to help strangers asking for money without giving cash


One lady in Singapore has shared a detailed Facebook post on how Singaporeans can be more empathetic and helpful to the disadvantaged in Singapore.

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The post begins with her describing a scenario of someone asking for S$2 to buy food or take the bus.

“People don’t usually go on the streets to ask for money unless they really need it,” she said.

However, if one is uncomfortable with giving them money, she suggested that one could “ask how they are doing” and “if they need any help”.

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The lady apparently started working at one of the Social Service Offices in Singapore recently, where she and her team help disadvantaged Singaporeans apply for financial assistance.

In her post, she added a disclaimer, saying that these suggestions are her own and have not been endorsed by the government.

However, in her view, here are some helpful questions and potential responses that one could offer:

“Have you eaten today?”

The lady said that if the person says that they consistently do not have enough food, you may ask them for permission to call

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