ArtScience Museum Refreshes 4 New Galleries At Future World Singapore

To refresh its permanent exhibition, ArtScience Museum will be introducing a new themed gallery with new artworks by teamLab and the return of popular installations at Future World: Where Art Meets Science on 5 September 2019. City in a Garden Exhibition, the new opening section of Future World, explores the integral relationship between people and nature and how cities provide a space for a variety of biospheres. Inspired by Singapore, City in a Garden demonstrates the nation’s distinctive relationship with nature, and the importance of flora and fauna to the city’s identity.

City In A Garden Gallery – 4 Refreshed Exhibitions

The refreshed exhibition has four galleries – City in a Garden, Sanctuary, Park and Space. City in a Garden features the brand new artwork, Inverted Globe, Giant Connecting Block Town, and a dramatic new presentation of one of teamLab’s best-known artworks, Sketch Aquarium. Elsewhere in Future World, you can also look forward to the return of Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere in the Park gallery.

“We have always envisioned Future World to be an exhibition that evolves over time. The latest changes we have made embed the exhibition in the narrative

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