Oriental Ice Bistro: XXL Bingsu + Comforting Mac ‘N’ Cheese & More At Rangoon Rd

You know how you just crave something icy-cold when the weather gets unbearably hot? That was how we felt when we were on our way to Oriental Ice Bistro, located at 89 Rangoon Road.

Oriental Ice Bistro Rangoon Road 1

Thankfully, upon reaching the bistro, their XXL-sized bingsu was there to provide us with some respite from the heat.

Oriental Ice Bistro Rangoon Road 2

We ordered their Overdose Bingsu (S$24.90)and Coffee Awakening Bingsu (S$15.90) to cool ourselves down, and a Naughty Cookie Butter Shake (S$12.90) too.

And while others end off their meals with dessert, we rounded off ours with a tummy-warming Baked Beef Macaroni (S$11.90).

Oriental Ice Bistro Rangoon Road 3

As we waited for our orders to arrive, we took some time to soak in the bistro’s unique interior.

Oriental Ice Bistro Rangoon Road 4

Unlike most bingsu places which you’d usually expect to be air-conditioned, Oriental Ice Bistro has an open-air concept with urban-themed decor and furniture.

Oriental Ice Bistro Rangoon Road 8

When the Overdose Bingsu (S$24.90) finally arrived, I was glad I had someone to attempt the humongous bowl of shaved ice with.

It comes with three flavours—chocolate ice cream and banana slices, cookies and cream ice cream with Oreo bits, as well as matcha ice cream with azuki beans.

Oriental Ice Bistro Rangoon Road 9

With a race against time (or the melting ice), our first order of business was to get the milk all over the bingsu. And because we all know how messy that

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