Get Your Claws On The Lobster Ramen Burger From Lobsters & Ice Cream Now Available For A Limited Time Only

The concept of using food like ramen and rice in place of burger buns is not a trend we are unfamiliar with. Think: MOS Burger and their rice “buns”.

Lobsters & Ice Cream is here to add their own personal touch (or claw) to the hype, with their recently launched Lobster Ramen Burger (S$16+).

Lobsters & Ice Cream Lobster Ramen Burger Online 2


The burger will feature ramen for the “buns”, which have a slightly crispy exterior but is soft on the inside, and a chunk of lobster for the “patty”. They also drizzle their in-house sriracha mayo with a soy mirin glaze.

And no doubt, with a lobster in your burger, it’s going to cost you $16+. If it makes you feel any better, the price includes a side of fries too.

Another thing to note is that the burgers are limited to only 30 a day, so head down early in case they sell out!

Lobsters & Ice Cream Lobster Ramen Burger Online 1


In case the lobster burger isn’t up your alley, they also have an Impossible Ramen Burger (S$16+), which has a meatless “patty”.

You can also check out our review here on some of the other food items that they have on their menu.

The Lobster Ramen Burger will only be available for a

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