Frieda @ Kempinski Arcade, Capitol Piazza

~Invited Session~ 


Frieda Restaurant opens at the newly revamped wing at Capitol Piazza and is part of the food and beverage arm of Kempinski Hotel.


There are both cosy tables and bar counter seats at Frieda. Craft beers and beers from the tap are available, great for those seeking a Happy Hour tipple.



Complimentary sourdough before our mains arrived.


Crusty warm bread always makes a good pre meal snack.


On their beverage list is a whole assortment of beers, juices, teas and also sodas.


Platter of Grilled Sausages and Meatloaf ($54 for 2 pax, $105 for 4 pax)

Great for sharing and this platter showcased a whole medley of German delights. Sausages for one were the highlight. Choose from herb, cheese and chipotle meat sausages and a number of sides like german dumplings, mash and saurkeraut.


Veal Wiener Schnitzel ($37)

Traditionally, veal is used to create this dish, pounded thinly and evenly to tenderize before it is breaded with flour, egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried. Yummy on its own even without the sauces or cucumber relish.


Poached Wagyu Beef Brisket ($35)


On description, this sounded the least attractive because poached and beef brisket. Braise would have been a tastier option but I was sold on how tender this was evenRead full content from The Food Chapter

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