Chilli Api Catering: Classic & Homely Peranakan Dishes For Every Occasion

Peranakan cuisine has always been a favourite of mine—the bold, rich flavours are both complex and comforting. When it comes to Peranakan food, there is no doubt you’ll always be asking for seconds.

This is where Chilli Api Catering comes in.

Chilli Api Catering 1

Chilli Api Catering is one of Singapore’s leading halal Peranakan cuisine caterer that has served over one million guests that run the gamut of government to corporate to household clients. Another thing I always appreciate about Peranakan Cuisine is how it’s steeped in tradition.

Chilli Api still uses the recipes developed by Chilli Api’s founder and head chef, Patricia Lee, over the past 22 years. Till today, Patricia still personally attends to menu curation and kitchen operations.

Not to mention, Chilli Api also caters to all occasions, from corporate seminars to school graduation ceremonies to baby showers and even reunion dinners. Any opportunity to have Peranakan food is a good day really.

Chilli Api Catering 4

I was pretty impressed by the elaborate spread Chilli Api had provided us. There were intricately designed batik table cloths that draped each section of the buffet spread and typical Peranakan memorabilia such as tingkats, and the ever-reliable pestle and mortar.

Practically salivating, I couldn’t wait to taste what Chilli Api had

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