Burgs by Project Warung – Gourmet Burgers at Wallet-Friendly Prices

We had been to Burgs by Project Warung a few times when they were still located at Golden Mile Food Centre. However they had closed their stall there as they would be relocating to Timbre+ this month. Sad news indeed as Golden Mile was nearer to us and we hardly (almost never) go to Chai Chee or Ayer Rajah where their two outlets are. So if you live or work near these two areas, you’re in luck especially if you adore burgers because Burgs does serve up some awesome burgers that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. :mrgreen:

During my last visit to Burgs, I noticed that the menu was different from what we saw before and we were told by one of their staff that they would refresh their menu every 4 months so there would always be something new to try.

In this post, I will just share some of the burgers we had tried at Burgs but you may or may not find the same burgers at their two outlets at the moment. Just so you know.

For the full menu at each respective outlet, check out their website https://www.projectwarung.com/burgsmenu.

This scrumptious feast

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