Jjajangmyeon Showdown: O.BBa Jjajang vs Dong Bang Hong Korean Chinese Restaurant vs Joo Mak Restaurant

Let’s talk about jjajangmyeon, the quintessential takeout staple that makes an appearance in almost every Korean drama.

Often accompanied by tangsuyuk (Korean sweet & sour pork), this iconic Korean Chinese dish consists of noodles topped with chunjang (bean paste), vegetables, and diced pork or seafood.

Here’s a fun fact: jjajangmyeon is eaten on Black Day, an unofficial Korean holiday “celebrated” by singles who did not receive presents on both Valentines’ Day and White Day. They dress in black and eat black-coloured food—sounds like my kind of fun.

I would’ve loved to hit up every Korean restaurant serving jjajangmyeon, including the likes of Hong Jjajang and Hwang Sil, but my findings were narrowed down to these three spots.

1. O.BBa Jjajang Obba Jjajang Jjajangmyeon Showdown 10 Min

A longtime resident of Tanjong Pagar, O.BBa Jjajang is arguably Singapore’s most famous jjajangmyeon restaurant.

Seriously, ask any noodle-loving local where the best jjajangmyeon is, and they’ll probably say “O.BBa”.

Obba Jjajang Jjajangmyeon Showdown 1

My dining partner and I came down during off-peak hours on a Saturday and queued for over 20 minutes.

We were presented with banchan of assorted kimchi and crunchy danmuji (yellow pickled daikon), the latter of which is typically served alongside jjajangmyeon.

Obba Jjajang Jjajangmyeon Showdown 2 Min

The dark and glossy Black Soybean Sauce Noodles (S$10 for lunch, S$12 for dinner)

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