Food Review: Seizan Uni Ramen at Wisma Atria’s Picnic | Perhaps the First Uni Ramen in Singapore now in Orchard

The Place Uni Ramen sounds like an awesome idea. Located within Picnic Food Park in Wisma Atria, the two weeks old Seizan Uni Ramen is a collaboration between Picnic Food Park and Seizan Tokyo, a two Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan. I was excited to check it out, as this is quite possibly the first concept in Singapore to serve Uni Ramen. The space at Picnic is huge, and the Seizan booth occupies a corner of Picnic where there are other food vendors. Ordering is fairly straightforward as you order via a machine, be seated, and collect your ramen once it is ready via a buzzer.

The Food The highlight and must try for me is the Uni Ramen (S$21). The ramen comes with a luscious uni hue, using customised noodles from Japan which absorbs the essence of the uni broth well. The dashi base for the ramen is prepared overnight with Japanese kombu along with bonito and tuna flakes.

The choice of uni here is Japanese bafun uni, which is first prepared into a paste before adding cream and milk. The result? A well-balanced uni broth which I really enjoyed, and it is surprisingly not at all

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