Cantonese Delights: Famous S$4 Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice With Insane Queues At Hong Lim

Popular hawker centres like Hong Lim Market and Food Centre need no introduction. Visit it during lunch hour and trust me, you’ll see crazy queues everywhere.

Cantonese Delights 0543

As I walked to the second floor of Hong Lim, I spotted an insane queue at Cantonese Delights, a cosy stall located at a corner selling wonton mee and curry fried chicken cutlet, and decided to check it out for myself.

Cantonese Delights 0548

The queue was so long that it snaked across the storefront, the side of the stall, and continued to extend past two other stalls!

Honestly, I was quite intimidated by the queue. Thankfully the line moved quite fast, so it only took me about 15 – 20 minutes to get my food.

Cantonese Delights 0555

The first dish that immediately caught my eye was the Curry Fried Chicken Cutlet (Rice) (S$4). Man, just look at the glistening gravy and the pile of fried chicken. It made me drool instantly!

You can also order it with noodles if you’d like.

Cantonese Delights 0642

This has got to be one of my favourite plates of curry rice ever.

The fried chicken cutlet was juicy, smoky, and soft, and I could taste that its thin crust was a little salty, as if it had been marinated in

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