The Dreamliner Airways Cafe Is JB’s First Aviation-Themed Cafe With Super Affordable “In-Flight” Meals

Singaporeans love to cross the Causeway for cheap food and the numerous cafe streets, perfect for cafe-hoppers on a day trip.

Despite the countless trips to Johor Bahru, there always seems to be new cafes popping up for me to visit.

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This airplane cabin look-alike is actually Johor Bahru’s first aviation-themed cafe. Located just a short drive away from Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park, The Dreamliner Airways Cafe is perfect for people who love to travel but don’t have the budget.

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Even the waitresses and waiters have to be dressed up as flight attendants, to give you the full experience of being in an aircraft.

Book in advance for a special occasion, as they can also host birthday celebrations for your friends and family members.

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Ready for take-off?

You can pretend to be going away on a vacation and take some luxurious photographs for your Instagram. Try it, and see how many of your followers think that you’re actually going on a trip.

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Instagram pics aside, their menu offers a range of Asian and Western “in-flight” delights.

They have a lunch menu with extremely affordable prices, starting from RM9.90. One of the recommended items

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