Hong Kong protesters beat up suspected China military man, but some shielded him

A man suspected to be from the Chinese military fell unconscious after getting beaten up by a group of Hong Kong protesters he allegedly infiltrated and pretended to be a part of.


While paramedics were stuck in a stand-off with the crowd of protesters, who largely refused to let them pass through, the man was sent to the hospital eventually after about two hours of jostling.

The incident happened on Tuesday night, Aug. 13 in the Hong Kong International Airport..

Man beaten up after suspecting he’s from the PLA

Suspecting that he is from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), protesters surrounded the man and started hitting him.

However, other protesters in the crowd stepped in to shield the man from getting beaten.

According to CNN senior producer James Griffiths, protesters then tied the man’s wrists using cable ties, which were allegedly tied so tightly they restricted his blood circulation, further worsening his condition.

The man also fell in and out of consciousness.

Having bound him fear now is his ties are too tight and could cut off circulation. Any attempt to change them causes more fights to break out among protesters. pic.twitter.com/ioYGzeYpK0

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