Quick weekend getaways in Southeast Asia we’ll keep going back to with ChangiHotels

So you plan your weekend trips years in advance just so that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Ok, we exaggerate, but you know what we mean – in reality, we all want to be able to book an impromptu trip and snag an awesome stay without breaking the bank. If you want to have your cake and eat it too, ChangiHotels promises unmissable rates for your next stay.

That sounded pretty tempting to us, so we combed through ChangiHotels’ extensive spread for some trip inspo and ideas. We hear they recently updated their platform, adding 300,000 new properties and 5000 destinations, so you can imagine how long we spent daydreaming about our next escape!

Some of our fave holidays are the spontaneous getaways that we take for a spot of relaxation over an uneventful weekend. Want in? Here are our top three picks:


Ornate shrines, street eats and shopping sprees are all the convincing we need to hop on a flight to this city. Our Bangkok jaunts range from an R&R trip (of retail therapy and spas), to a full-on cultural exploration (from the giant swing at Wat Suthat to the golden peaks of the Temple

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