Food Showdown: 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi 揾到食 VS Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant 瑞春

Dim Sum Showdown Swee Choon 1

Any supper-lovin’ kaki would have heard of Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant, and would have spent more than they wanted just by gorging on delectable dim sum.

Dim Sum Showdown 126 Dim Sum 1

Speaking of delectable dim sum, 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi also has garnered a cult following with a recent expansion to Boon Keng, besides their original outlet at Geylang. Their own fan base is mainly young adults looking for affordable and delicious dim sum for their late-night cravings.

The stakes are high in this showdown, as we pit 10 classic dim sum basics from each place against each other.

Siew Mai

Starting small, we’re all familiar with our well-loved pork wrapped in yellow skin. Siew mai has broadened to being a staple alongside buns in almost every snack shop.

Dim Sum Showdown 126 Dim Sum 14

At 126 Dim Sum, their King Siew Mai comes as a portion of four for S$5. It’s almost double the normal size, therefore packed with much more ingredients and flavour. The meat filling was sweet and juicy, although the mushroom taste wasn’t as pronounced.

Dim Sum Showdown Swee Choon 10

At Swee Choon, we got the regular sized Siew Mai (S$2 for two). Despite being smaller, it was just as stuffed, and encased in a little bit more skin.

Taste-wise, we felt that it was a draw between the two, with 126 Dim

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