Best facials in Singapore: Get your glow on with magnetic masks, face peels and hydrating facials that actually make a difference

You might have nailed double-cleansing routine or have your 10-step regime (just like the Koreans do it) but taking care of your skin is more than throwing on a face mask or using a pore strip. Look to these facials to find a procedure suited to your skin type, have your skin checked, pores thoroughly cleaned and blackheads extracted – by an expert. We tried some next-level treatments, at Singapore’s best day spas and clinics for you. Ready for your post-facial glow?

Spa Infinity Recommended facials in Singapore | Spa Infinity Spa Infinity uses a black magnetic mask. Photography: Spa Infinity

Spa Infinity wants you to put all stress aside and wholly commit to the Black Magnelight facial – and commit we did. If your dull skin is in need of a deep detox or if signs of ageing are slowly creeping in, this is your go-to. For 75 minutes, we got a thorough cleanse, exfoliation with a papaya and pineapple enzyme infusion, extraction, application of a serum infused with cryotherapy and a relaxing head and shoulder massage that took us to our happy place – but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The facial ends with a black magnetic mask: a mud infused with ionised

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