Why I Think a Lot About Death Ever Since Having Kids

I think a lot about death ever since having children. Sound morbid? Let me explain.

Before I had kids, I loved disaster movies like The Day after Tomorrow and 2012 with epic scenes of giant waves and earthquakes swallowing up buildings and cities. I was also a huge fan of horror movies that scared the bejesus out of you like The Ring and Drag Me to Hell. 

But after having children, I watch such films with trepidation. Much as most disaster and horror movies aren’t meant to be thought-provoking, I can’t help mulling the “what-ifs” and various doomsday scenarios. If an asteroid headed for earth is set to doom us all, how would I prepare my children for the end of the world? How would we live our last moments together? And heaven forbid a zombie apocalypse! How would we survive when our neighbourhood is overrun by the dead, food runs scarce, and there is no train to take us to safety? (Train to Busan, anyone?)

The early scenes of Aftershock – a Chinese disaster-drama film based on the 1976 Tangshan earthquake in China – spooked me to no end. The hardest to watch in the acclaimed movie was when

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