Mother Reported Teacher For Making Her Child Write 50 Lines As Punishment

I bet we’ve all had our fair share of punishments in school given to us by our teachers for when we’ve forgotten to bring our homework or just completely didn’t do it at all.

I still remember the good ‘ol days of getting detention for skipping class or having to stand outside the classroom for talking, but hey – I promise I was a good student.

It’s all part and parcel of education, however. If you do something wrong, you’re bound to get punished in order to really get taught a lesson about life and values, something that can’t just be taught in books and theory. Right?

Unfortunately, some parents, or tiger moms if you like, don’t feel the same way.

Remember the Malaysian mom who just reported a teacher for caning her daughter on her arms and legs after she called him an Ah Kua? Another crazy mom has joined the ranks.

Daughter Was Caned Image: World Of Buzz / Sinchew

A Standard 5 girl living in Puchong, Malaysia, was caned on the hand by her science / PE teacher for not bringing her science homework.

This outraged her mother, who claimed that the punishment was way too severe as

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