Danger Close Beverage Co.: Sparkling Tea & Cold Brew On Tap At Alexandra Village Food Centre

Danger Close

I stumbled across Danger Close Beverage Co. by pure chance. I was at Alexandra Village Food Centre on assignment with a colleague of mine to feature another stall, a few stalls down.

My search for something to quench my thirst led my wandering gaze to its shiny taps and its peculiar offerings. At first, you might think it’s just any modern stall that dispenses beer pints. Look closer and you’ll see that it also serves sparkling tea and cold brew on tap.

Apart from just this single brick-and-mortar stall, they also serve their beverages on tap at events.

Danger Close 2

I was served the lightest of all — Lady Grey (S$3.50) — which is described as citrusy and smoky. The leaves are dried over pine leaves and combined with citrus peels for a zesty edge.

What surprised me most was how I could detect both zing and muskiness at the same time, making this a pleasantly complex drink. Although the teas here are meant to be sparkling, don’t expect fizziness. Think of it more as subtle coarseness so it’s more of a mouthfeel than a sensation.

Danger Close 3

The next, a step up from the delicate drink prior, was a Chinois (S$3.50). Its base is lychee

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