Unaemon – Unagi Specialty Restaurant Opens At GOCHI, Capital Square

Call this the “Man Man” effect, but foodies in Singapore are paying more attention to Japanese sea eels aka unagi, compared to say a couple of years ago.

Other than the Michelin Bib Gourmand listed Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, other more prominent restaurants here include Unagiya Ichinoji Dining and Uya at Wheelock Place.

I was curious enough to try Unaemon, which is newly opened at GOCHI, Capital Square.

GOCHI is a Japanese food hall of sorts, with six food concepts in one place. Four of them are new-to-market brands: Chojiro (sushi), Pronto (Japanese-Italian cafe), Unaemon (unagi) and Paletas (ice popsicles).

The other two are Morozoff (chocolates and cheesecake) and Suage Express (soup curry) which operates as a takeaway counter.

Established in Japan in 1950, Unaemon was co-founded in Japan by the owner of Taga, a 147-year old Unagi specialty restaurant, and the third owner of Kiyoizumi, a historical Unagi restaurant in Hinode-cho, Yokohama.

Unaemon serves up Unaju ($32, $36), Hitsumabushi ($28.50, $33, $46), Unagi Bento ($19.50) and other ala carte dishes such as Grilled Egg with Sauce ($29.50), Smoked Eel ($15), Fried Eel ($18), and Eel Egg Roll.

There are plans to

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