Mil Toasthouse, Seoul – Souffle French Toast & Steamed Bread Highly Raved By Korean Locals, At Ikseon-Dong

[Seoul, South Korea] My Korean friend once shared with me that in Seoul, trendy neighbourhoods tends to shift around.

This is because Koreans do have the tendency to relocate their business to certain neighbourhoods should it start becoming popular.

These areas not only attract the Korean locals, as well as overseas tourists, probably due to the “hipster” element.

Ikseon-dong happens to be one of these best kept secrets (to tourists).

Similar to Bukchon Hanok Village, Ikseon-dong houses many traditional hanok infrastructures left behind from the olden days.

In recent years, these buildings have then been repurposed into modern cafes, restaurants and retail stores.

This creates an environment where nostalgic architecture meets contemporary design spaces, that emits its own unique charm.

One particular café highly raved by Korean locals and tourists, is Mil Toasthouse 밀 토스트집.

The interior was kept ‘on point’ with minimalist aesthetics – pairing light wooden furniture with pure-white walls.

Add the soft natural sunlight bathing in from the ceiling window.

Customers would then sit around its counter while watching staff preparing their order.

Mil (밀) translates into wheat, and is a fundamental ingredient in

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