Jamie Chua regrets buying 5 Chanel bags worth $33,000 or more

If you’ve ever felt bad about an impulse buy such as a new bag, game, jacket, or pair of shoes, watching Jamie Chua regret five Chanel bags may make things worse for you–or better, depending on your perspective in life.

The Singapore socialite, who gained international fame for being rich and collecting super-expensive luxury items such as Hermès Birkins, Chanel Boys, and the ubiquitous luxury seasonal bags ( as well as the vintage and classic collections) recently released a video bemoaning five Chanel bags that she regrets buying for one reason or another. The prices of these bags (from both official and unofficial sellers) range from $3,700 up to almost $9,000!

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If you put the cost of Jamie’s “impulse buys” that she hasn’t used once or not at all together, she’s dented herself roughly $33,000. But with a net worth of almost $80 million, she probably doesn’t lose a lot of sleep over the amount.

In case you wanted to see the whole video, you can watch it below:

So what are the bags Jamie Chua regrets buying and how much do they cost?

Jamie has various reasons why she

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