Blanco Court Food Centre Kwap Chap aka To-Ricos Guo Shi – Old-School Kway Chap At Old Airport Road, With Michelin Recommendation

Imagine my joy when I got the last plate of Kway Chap at about 2 plus pm. Customers behind me were turned away, or informed ”Only tau pok left!”

Fans of Kway Chap often troop to Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey) at the sprawling Old Airport Road Food Centre to get their fix of this 2-part Teochew dish.

Let’s clear some of the confusion first.

This stall has several names, from “Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey)”, “Blanco Court Kway Chap” (unofficial name) to “To-Ricos Guo Shi”, so it may get a bit confusing for newbies or tourists.

The stall in Old Airport Road is the original shop, and it used to have a branch at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre but that has just closed.

There are two other “Blanco Court” Kway Chaps – Blanco Court Kueh Chap at Holland Drive (44 Holland Drive, 02-02) and Blanco Court Garden Street Kway Chap at Serangoon Gardens (49A Serangoon Garden Way 01-21). They are all NOT related.

Queuing may take more than 20 minutes before you can allow the silky smooth kway to glide over tongue and sink your teeth into the traditionally braised pig offal.

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