Japan Gourmet Hall SORA, Changi Airport T1 – For Ikkousha Ramen, Japanese Pancakes, Omurice And Maze Don

Taking a flight out, or intending to dine at Changi Airport Terminal 1?

ANA Airlines has a new outlet of Japan Gourmet Hall SORA at T1, modelled after a business class lounge.

Remember its first outlet at Terminal 2? This time it will showcase the best Japanese dishes from three prefectures: Fukuoka, Hokkaido, and Kanagawa.

The new 116-seater SORA at Terminal 1 will feature classic favourites and exclusive dishes from three renowned Japanese restaurants: Ikkousha (ramen), Yoshimi (tonkatsu and curry) and Megumi Maru (maze don).

If you value the convenience of getting some Yatai-style ramen, katsu curry and maze don, all in one place, then you’ll love the concept of SORA.

Plus, you have easy access to wonderful desserts like Hokkaido soft-serve ice cream and pancakes to mellow those sweet cravings.

Popular Japanese ramen which offers traditional Yatai-style ramen
You should have heard of Ikkousha, that popular ramen restaurant in Japan that attracts long queues, founded and operated by Chef Yoshimura Kousuke.

Named after 3 characters: ichi (one), ko (happy), and sha (place), this one happy place has 62 outlets around the world, including Japan, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Australia, Hong

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