Indigo Blue Kitchen – Modern Peranakan Cuisine In Lovely Blue Setting, $18 One Popiah Though

Put “blue” and “Peranakan food” in the same vein, and my heart would beat a little faster.

It is after all my favourite colour (well, just look at this website), and I am one of those fortunate ones growing up with a staple of my grandma’s Nonya cooking (which I fondly miss).

Indigo Blue Kitchen is a heritage project by the Chairman of Les Amis Mr Desmond Lim, who considers himself a true-blue Peranakan.

The restaurant is a way of ensuring the culinary legacy of his family, as well as paying tribute to his grandmother. Recipes used are from the family, with consultation of cousin Gloria Teo.

During my visit, there is an “Indigo Blue Dinner” set priced at $55 per person, while there are also ala carte orders that has been introduced after.

They include Ngoh Hiang ($15 for 2 rolls), Chicken Satay ($11 for 3 sticks), Hee Peoh Tng aka Fish Maw Soup ($16), Sambal Prawns ($18), Curry Chicken ($22), Chicken Buah Keluak ($25), Beef Rendang ($26), Crab Meat Omelette ($15), Nonya Chap Chye ($15) to Chendol with Durian ($12).

It seems more value-for-money to order the sets.

We all loved

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