The AI businesses know isn’t really the AI that excites researchers

Businesses use narrow AI, researchers are chasing general AI. Source: Shutterstock

BUSINESS leaders might argue that artificial intelligence (AI) is here and that organizations must start adopting the technology to improve their business, and they’re right — but there’s another side to the story.

Inventions in Singapore related to AI will be easy to patent now. Source: ShutterstockInventions in Singapore related to AI will be easy to patent now. Source: ShutterstockSINGAPORE ACCELERATES PATENT APPLICATIONS FOR AI INVENTIONS

The intelligent AI solutions we see today are only tools, “narrow or brittle AI systems” as researchers call them, and are only able to perform one task to perfection.

These systems are phenomenally valuable in the world of business because they can help maximize efficiency and minimize human error while simultaneously also reducing costs and downtime.

Speech recognition, character recognition, data analysis, and translating between languages are some easy examples.

Although narrow or brittle AI systems are exciting to businesses because of the value they can get out of implementations immediately, researchers — in universities or within companies — concern themselves with general AI.

“General AI is computer-based intelligence that mimics human intelligence. Brittle AI is unable to do anything outside the area or domain it has been trained on. It can’t adapt like humans. The idea is that general AI will be able to adapt and learn more quickly,” Portland State University Professor Melanie

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