Process automation is driving digital HR transformation across the SMB market

The role of HR departments across the globe is rapidly transforming. This is because the nature of the business environment itself has changed due to the advent of technology and the plethora of digital tools that help boost productivity, as well as altering the way a company operates. And HR departments suddenly find themselves being the heartbeat of the organizations, connecting all the departments within the company, performing crucial functions: processing payroll, recruiting talent and perhaps most importantly, managing the enterprise’s most valuable asset, the human workforce.

In other words, HR has become a strategic partner to management and is responsible for aligning human capital with the business goals of the company. This new and more integral role, in addition to a traditional role, requires utmost efficiency and meticulousness, with very little room for mistake. Which is why HR functions in the business need all the help they can get, and, thanks to development in the HR tech space, they can now rely on some of the most cutting-edge software and automation tools to help perform their functions.

There are many ways in which a properly deployed HR tech solution will benefit an HR department, and subsequently improve the productivity

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